Fall Dining

I am imagining the following scenario:

It is a crisp Autumn day.  The trees are changing colour and there is a definite chill in the breeze.  But that does not deter you from deciding that outdoor dining is required.  You grab your friends and head off to enjoy the last taste of summer before you are trapped inside.  You grill up some burgers and enjoy the company, food and wine on offer.  After dinner you sit about on the gorgeous tree seat and on the swing and talk until it is dark and your hands and feet are cold.  This is the perfect place for this all to take place.

The foreground trees are from Little Branch and are two varieties:  the Persimmon Tree (Ultra) and the Lime Tree (Blueprint.- see below for more detail).

The dining table, accessories and brick barbecue are all part of the Hampton Bay BBQ Picnic Set from CHEZ MOI.  The Picnic Table Set has loads of animations for the bench seat, the chairs and even the table (both in the PG and adult versions).  There are even poses for singles and couples too.  To choose your food simply touch the placemat and choose your meal from the menu available.  If only RL was that simple!

The cushions on the chairs are also texture change so you can make it suit your other decor.

The barbecue also has animations:  33 single poses for male and female (including self-rezzing props) and 44 animations for couples in love.  The adult version has even more animations.  It is also fully interactive and you can choose to display the BBQ effects such as fire, smoke and light. You can even tap the grill and choose what food you want cooking!

Go check them out at Tres Chic!

The GOOSE Willow tree bench comes with all you can see except for a tree!  You can use your own tree and keep it in styling with the rest of your land decor.  The seat itself has sits for you and your friends and is a great place to enjoy the autumn scenery from.  This item is at the new round of Blueprint.  


This is a brand new Home & Garden event, opening details are as follow: * Blueprint Event will open its doors on the 18th of each month at 12 Noon SLT and close its doors on 12 Noon SLT on the 12th of the following month, each month.

This gorgeous swing set is also from GOOSE.  It is the Loretta Swing Bench and you can find it Cosmopolitan.  It has sits for male and female singles as well as cuddles for couples.  You can have it stationary or swinging and it will look amazing in your new fall garden.

I have added some other decor too.  The +Half-Deer+ Batwing Lanterns were a Fifty Linden Friday buy and I am using them all over the place!

The Seasonal Delight Tray is from Serenity Style and is one of the exclusive items for faMESHed Go.


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