Hay, Hay, It's Saturday


Well, it is for me as I write this.  I am sitting here enjoying the view in RL and lurking about SL.  I have had coffee and I am just chilling with my bad self.  I am not thinking about work...well, I wasn't until I said that.  Nope, still not.

This fab Riverdale Hay Set is from CHEZ MOI.  The couch comes with 104 animations for the PG version and 164 for the Adult one.  It has room for 4 people and has 64 poses for single people (male and female).  It also has poses for couples and items that will rez depending on the pose.  The blanket is texture change and easy to use.

The firepit has smoke and fire options and can be turned off if you wish.

Go over at take a look at Cosmopolitan.

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