Pumpkin Soup


Hot pumpkin soup, anyone?  I dare you!!

You can also have some bread if you so desire.  Perfect for a cold autumn day.  Once you are souped up you can sit next to a pumpkin friend and enjoy the view while you eat.  Easy.

This cart and accessories are from Serenity Style and are from the Street Food Collection for Shiny Shabby.

In the same booth you will find these Scary Pumpkins from GOOSE.  They come in all these great looks and you can size them however you want.  I am loving how big and scary they are!

Shiny Shabby opens on the 20th so make sure you go take a looksee for yourself.  I have also set it up at Best of SL Boulevard so you can go view it there if the crowds at Shiny Shabby are too much!

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