Water to Water

I am not sure which way round these pictures should go.  Should they shower before they get in the Jacuzzi or after?  Either way they are clean.

I managed to convince Ty to come and do some pics with me.  His RL has been crazy so I was thankful he found some time.  It was nice to have him back and I am hoping you may see some more of him in the next wee while.  Fingers crossed.

While we wait for that I have these three items to show you.

The first is from GOOSE and is called Shower Together for Cosmopolitan.  It comes with poses for singles, shower poses and adult ones too.  You can turn the water on and off and would look fab in a variety of settings!

The second item is from CHEZ MOI.  This Jacuzzi Patio also comes with the lovely Double Flower Pots and loads of great poses for singles, love and adult.  You can turn the steam and jets on and off and enjoy the outdoor ambiance!  Go grab this at Cosmopolitan too!

The third item are these trees from Little Branch.  The Umbrella Thorn{Animated}trees are super cool and would look fab in a desert setting or to add some ruggedness to a scene.  You can find these at the Little Branch Mainstore on the Cosmopolitan sim.    The grasses are also from Little Branch!

See how simple I just made your shopping.  Three items with one teleport!


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