Staying Warm

Autumn is all about the days getting shorter and cooler.  So, what is the best way to stay warm if you are outdoors?  Easy question!  Fire and hot tub.  That is why these two items from CHEZ MOI are the perfect match.

The Campfire Wood Benches come in PG and Adult versions and so the number of animations varies depending on which version you get.  The PG version has 76 animations and the adult one has 96.  Both have room for 8 people and there are 40 singles animations for guys and girls which also include self-rezzing props if you want to drink coffee or toast marshmallows.

You can grab whichever version suits your needs at Tres Chic.

When the evening turns to night then this is the perfect time to head to the Lakeshore Gazebo & Hot Tub for a soak.  The hot tub has a control panel that gives you access to bubbling water, steam and hot tub sounds for a more realistic experience.

The tub has room for 1-4 people and has 60 animations for the PG version and 120 for the adult one. Like the campfire, there are also self-rezzing items in the couples section such as champagne for toasting.

The Lakeshore Gazebo and Hot Tub was at the last round of Cosmopolitan but you will now find it at CHEZ MOI's mainstore.


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