The Planets Have Aligned

Yes, the planets have aligned which means it is time for tea and cake.  I have been waiting a long time for this.  I am just hoping those donuts and cupcakes are fresh.

These pieces (apart from the food items) are from paper.moon.  The tables are the Layered Tablecloth - Tea Time Lace (you can colour change the lace and the tablecloth to suit your decor), the tea set is called Night Tea Sets:  Black & Silver.  They look slightly grey in this light, but trust me they are black and silver.  The rugs are the Vintage Astronomy Rugs and the pictures on the wall are from a set called Giordano Bruno's Planets.  The ones I am showing you here (from the left) are  Jupiter, Sol and Mercury.  I think you can work out what else is in that set!

These were all items at the Goth Garage Sale but you can now find them at the paper.moon mainstore.  Perfect for Halloween too!

The food items are from a set called Bella Bakery Gacha by {La Bella Boutique} which you can find at The Gacha Life.


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