Kitchen or Couch


Do I want to be in the kitchen cooking up a storm or do I want to sit on the couch and read a book?  Hmmm.  Is a tricky one.  Ha, no it isn't.  Couch...anyday.  That is what pizza delivery is for.  Pizza can be a Christmas food.  It can!

So while I relax on the couch and ignore the mess in the kitchen you can sort out what item comes from which store or event and go shopping.  Yay!

Left Photo:
22769 - Christmas Baking (The Arcade)

Right Photo:
[CIRCA] - "Christmas Jewel" Lrg Tree w/ Lights v2 - Ruby Black (Instore)
~Adorably Strange Wares~ The Equinox Hearth Sled- Trees (The Gacha Life)
[ zerkalo ] Verden - Boxes, Candle, Fireplace - RARE, Bottle, Coffee Table, Candy Bowl, Sofa, Chandelier (Shiny Shabby)
[CIRCA] - "Winter Hills" Holiday Drift Shelf - Snow (Day 15 Holiday Advent)
*paper moon* Cozy Cottage Flannel Curtains: 03 (Winter's Hollow)
[Lady Roi] Merry Christmas - White Wood/Red (#hashtag)
[CIRCA] - "Winter Woodland" Holiday Garland - Green/Red (M) Sgl (Day 6 - Holiday Advent)
[CIRCA] - "Woodlands" Holiday Wreath - Red Deer (Day 7 - Holiday Advent)
:Cheeky Pea: Jul Shelf with Gnomes (Advent)

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