London Eye

Loving my minimalist black and white London apartment.  Marie Kondo would frown at the clutter by the walls but I don't trust anyone who limits a place to 30 books so there we go.  Books bring me so much JOY.  The more books, the more joy!

Rant aside, I am loving the clean lines of today's room.  Blacks and whites broken up by the lovely wooden floor.  Simple and perfect for those that don't like too much 'stuff'.

Bedroom Set:  [ zerkalo ] London Bedroom - Bed, Bucket, Floor Lamp, Frame Lamp, Ladder (RARE), Paper Scrolls, Pots, Round Frame, Square Frames (Kustom9)
Rugs:  *Dench Designs* Scampton Rug (Boardwalk)
Chair:  *DAWN* Alcova Armchair - White Canvas (Boardwalk)
Door:  Decor Junction / Shutter Field - Single Door - White
Tray:  Decor Junction / Shutter Field - Decor Coffee Tray - white
Apartment:  Apple Fall - London Apartment v2.1


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