My Choice

If I want to play beach volleyball in a skirt and sneakers then, gosh darn it, I will.  And if I want my nails long to play aforementioned game then that is what I will do.  My choice.  I will also be responsible for any chaffing or broken nails as a result of my choices.  It's life.

I am showing you fashion and fun stuff today because they all just went together so well and I couldn't show a volleyball pose set without playing the game!

Outfit:  .:InCloset.Style:.- Set Safyra (#hashtag - comes with shoes not shown)
Shoes:  MOoH! Belle shoes glitter (50% Discount Item)
Hair:  Lamb. - Thieves Like Us
Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Monica - Tan
Tattoo:  ~KIRA TATTOO~Taty White (On9)
Volleyball Set w/ Stand and Poses:  Serenity Style - Volleyball Set
4x4s:  Serenity Style- Military 4x4 Silver, Red, Blue (ManCave)


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