I want you to imaging that I was carrying a huge pile of items to blog yesterday.  Can you see it?  I am carrying far too much and the items are teetering and threatening to fall.  Got it?  Right, now I want you to imaging me seeing this outfit to be blogged and me just dropping it all on the floor and racing off to blog this.  Stuff is flying everywhere and scattering all over the room, but I am gone.  Finally everything is quiet except for a small plate that spins on its edge and then slows until it drops with a clatter to the floor.  Somewhere, a baby cries.

So, that is how it felt when I dropped everything to blog this outfit and pose from Wicca's Wardrobe.  How could I not when I get to a) don my Hufflepuff colours, and b) go and play Quidditch?

I was disappointed, however, to not find one Quidditch pitch in all of SL.  Are they hidden by magic?  I don't know.

This post is dedicated to Wicca, one of the loveliest Slytherins I know.

Outfit:  Wicca's Originals - Isobel Outfit (The World of Magic)
Pose:  Wicca's Originals - Poses - Broom Set (TWoM)
Hair:  .Entwined. Ashley / Light Blondes
Broom:  Plethora - Flying Broom - Daredevil
Dirty Face:  Izzie's - Body & Face Biker Dirt
Dementors:  {U}northodox - Dementors
Snitch:  *Boof - Snitch


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