This is for all the Valentine's haters out there.  I know you are there.  I don't care what your reasons are.  This is for you.

Whoever owns this stash is not someone who hides their feelings.  They are there for everyone to see. 

I love this Anti-Valentine Set from Junk Food.  It comes with all you see here plus some hold versions of the cookies, cups and the anti-cupid spray.  Also, if you touch the cookie tray (RARE) it gives you a cookie to hold.  You can even choose the colour.  The SOI is an anti-Gumball machine which will be the perfect addition to this set.  Go collect the whole set at The Gacha Garden.

The Kinky Conversation Hearts box and scattered hearts have been discarded by this owner but you will enjoy it.  The hearts are a tad naughty so would be fun to give to a special someone.  They are from Short Leash and you can go and grab them at their store for the Stupid Cupid Hunt.

Now, you better go because I am going to sit here and play with the voodoo doll...


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