Sun and Snacks

I have sunshine sneaking through the trees.  I have snacks and I have activities.  This is officially the place to be.  I can curl up in the sun and read a book and I do not need to move for anything.  Okay, one thing...where is the cat?  I will find him before I settle in.

This funky seating is the Futon Lazy Sunday from CHEZ MOI for Shiny Shabby.  You can change the texture to suit.  The one I am showing here is Pastel, but you can also get 'Colourful' and 'Black & White'.

There is room for 2 avatars and it comes in Adult and PG.  The PG version has 82 animations for singles and couples while the Adult version has 142 animations for some more grown-up fun.  Trek on over to Shiny Shabby and take a look for yourself.

The trees in the background, giving us all that great light are the Elm Trees from Little Branch.  They are season change and I am showing you the Spring foliage at present. Go have a play and a look at them at Limit8.

Other Items:
Sway's - [Febo] Flowerpot with Monstera . lines (Fifty Linden Friday)
Peaches - Resolution Clutter
Myrrine - Kasey pile of magazines/art stuff
{what next} - Strawberry Icecream Sundae
Apple Fall - Macarons on Sketchbook


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