Outside Culture

Sometimes it is nice to head outside for dining and enjoy dinner under the stars.  This Spring Dinner set from 22769 can be used inside or out and looks equally good in both places.  You can go check out the set in all its glory at Bloom.

And when you are dining why not have some accompaniment on the piano with this lovely Sonata Baby Grand Piano from Culprit which has texture change options so you can have it looking perfect for the environment it is in.  There are even 48 classic public domain songs for you to play.  Awesome!  Go have a looksee and a play at Boardwalk.

Lastly the gorgeous bushes and trees in the background are from Little Branch.  The Red Bud Tree.v2 {Animated} 4Seasons and the Hibiscus Shrub{Animated} are perfect for making your outdoor area look amazing. 

What could be nicer than sitting in the shade of a tree, sipping lemonade and enjoying the vista.  Perfect.


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