I am Arya

Even though these poses from Nantra are called A Girl Has No Name, I do have a name.  My name is Arya and I am brave of heart.  My name means 'noble character' and 'wise'.  It can also mean 'lioness' which means I am protective of those dearest to me as well as strong and loyal.  You mess with the people I love and you mess with me.

I am also the hunter...

Outfit:  Meva - Haya Set (Neo-Japan)
Hair:  [RunAway Hair] Holly Hair (Saturday Sale)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - SIETSKE omega FACE&BODY butter (Spring Flair - April 5th)
Pose:  Nantra Poses - A Girl Has No Name (Game of Thrones - Ice and Fire)
Background:  Image Essentials - Dark Gateway (Dark Side 4)


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