Music for the Eyes

I know there is a lot of green in this photo, but I love green.  I find it soothing.  I would happily sit here eating grapes and cheese, enjoying a nice glass of wine and listening to the bees buzzing.  How relaxing does that sound?

You too can recreate this scene with a bit of shopping, a few Lindens and some fairy dust.  Okay, nix the last one.  I only added it for poetic reasons.

Table Set:  CHEZ MOI - Vintage Wrought Patio Set (Tres Chic)
Bushes:  Little Branch - Birch Shrub {Animated} 4 Seasons (Uber)
Assorted Musical Items:  MOoH! - Piano with owl (RARE), Bucket planter with bear white, Trumpet bird bath robin, Upright piano with bear (RARE),  Chair with guitar, Trumpet planter tulips, Drum birdbath (Twe12ve - Gacha)


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