Cuban Pink

Hola from Cuba!  Well, from a sim that looks a lot what I imagine Cuba to be like.  Can I say I have been there now?  No?  Fair enough.

I am feeling in the pink today and so I thought I would put as much of this fun colour into my pic.  See if you notice all the details.  You may have to look carefully.

Enjoy the bright colours!

Hat/Hair:  [RunAway] - Cherry Hair - Blondes (Saturday Sale)
Outfit:  V-Twins#Mesh -  Blsphemy Casual (#hashtag)
Handbag:  Clover -Dino bag (pink)
Shoes:  Bishes Inc - ZIPPED BOOTS Shoes
Lipstick:  {La Bella Boutique} - Romantic Lipstick (On9)


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