A Nice Dream

I do actually have dreams like this sometimes.  You know the ones were you spontaneously break into song like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music and then everyone around you joins in and your first thought is wondering where they all learned the steps and the song, but you don't care because then your second thought takes over and reminds you that this is your moment and you will not have it ruined by something called reality or sanity.

Now, what was I doing? Oh, yes...

Check out my lovely dress.  I am feeling very Disney princess with the birds lurking about too.  I just hope they are toilet trained...

Dress and Accessories:  * Les Sucreries de Fairy * - Paloma  (Midsummer Enchantment)
Hair: Magika - Ivy (50% Refund Sale)
Shoes:  -KC- Talia Wedges
Sim:  Village of Ahiru


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