I am a kitty fan.  I love them all.  Big cats, little cats, wild and tame.  I just want to cuddle them all.  Of course I won't be cuddling the big ones with the sharp claws and teeth, but I want to.  I would also have a lot of cats if I was allowed.  Sadly, I only have one, but since he is a big cat he is like a panther to me!

Go shopping my friends.  There are so many goodies to be had.

Outfit:  Meva - Ria Set (Access June)
Boots and Socks: MOoH! - Sarah boots (Curves June 3rd-24th)
Pose:  Lyrium. - Purr series
Hair:  [RunAway] - Crystal Hair (Recolor) - Blondes (Saturday Sale)


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