Take a Stand

I saw this cool Roswell Gas Stand from Culprit (promo price) and the Lemonade Stand from Junk Food (demo price) and had to show you all straight away.  I cannot vouch for the safety of the lemonade in this heat but you only live once right?*

I set up this scene with a few props of my own, but you can see how you could use them both on your land or sim.  The lemonade stand would be fab in front of a house or manned by some kids too.  I hope you notice the extra fun props in this scene...

Oh, and I snuck a Culprit scooter into the workshop too.  Can someone clean that for me?

*And, if you drink this lemonade, not for very long.

Extra props:
Foxes - Jian 
Taxi, Containers and Tyres:  Total Destruction 
Alien and Sign:  KraftWork
Grasses:  Little Branch
Oil Can:  Serenity Style


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