Inside the Tiny Home

As promised, here is the inside of the little house that I showed you the outside of the other day.  For a little place it has plenty of space to have your bed and a living room area.  Of course you can even open the front door and enjoy some indoor-outdoor flow.

I have even managed to put a fair amount of furniture and decor into this space to show you would could be achieved. 

Can someone feed the cats for me while I am typing up this post?

Serenity Style. - The Refuge - Bed ADULT, Pouf, Hanger, Night Books, Slippers Decor (Uber)
Raindale - Beaumaris pouf - PG (Boardwalk)
FAYDED - Bellisseria Rug (Boardwalk)
Kalopsia - Gogo's Chair (Brown/Bye)
Kalopsia - Gogo's planter (white/silver)
Con & Dust Bunny. - Gracie Living Room - Bag Clutter (Fifty Linden Friday)
Image Essentials - Full Perm Mesh Cat - Sleeping 1, Poking 1 (Boardwalk)


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