Tiny House

Today I am showing the outside of a cool tiny home or retreat.  There is so much to show you on the outside that I don't have any space to show you the inside, so that will have to be tomorrow's post. 

I have managed to assemble some items that work together to create a fun wee home that would fit on any piece of land.  I also wanted to show you what you can do to make a wee home an awesome space to call home in SL.  Easy.

Photo 1:
Serenity Style. - The Refuge (Uber)
Illusions of Granduer - Lemon Espalier 1 & 2 (Boardwalk)
Myth - Garden Tools Can, (Boardwalk)
~Adorably Strange Wares~ The Cassia Set - Couch, Ivy Cabinet, Herb Station, Lily Bowl, Wall Planter, Pinwheel I (Boardwalk)
KiX - Flower Cushion MF - Bento (Boardwalk)

Photo 2:
{what next} - Palisades BBQ Grill - Full Set (New Release)
Myth - Old Lawn Mover (Boardwalk)


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