Are We Lost?


Yuri and I are heading to a friend's place, but I think we are totally lost.    I am sure the directions said turn right at the big tree and then left at the rocks, but I don't know.  Yuri doesn't either.  I asked him if we were lost and he just shrugged.  Oh well, I am sure we will find it eventually.  At least we get to wander around this lovely sim while we look.  Maybe if we call out it will help.

"Baaaaarrrryyyy!  Barry, here are you?"

While we look, I can tell you about my kitty friend, Yuri, here.  He is a Sphynxie from Culprit and he is the Russian version.  He is super cool and just wanders around beside me.  However, he also comes with a hud so he can react to things however you want him too.  In the photo below he is giving you his "What" gesture, but he can also sneeze, laugh, walk like an Egyptian, do Ninja moves, give you thumbs down and many more.  He has me laughing and he will have your friends doing the same!  Go check him and his friends out and find the one that works for you!

Outfit, Jewellery and Shoes:  [Luxury fashion] - Claudia Set (Spotlight)
Hair:  RAMA.SALON - Charis Hair 'Blondes Colorant' (Saturday Sale)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - DEBORAH omega FACE&BODY butter (UNIK event August 7th)
Nails:  {WitchCraft} Witch's Nails - Hecate (Fable 4)
Pose:  FOXCITY. Taxi Bento Pose Set (Saturday Sale)
Sim:  FroliXXX

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