From Table to Boat


I am loving my set-up today because I can picture myself waking up in the hut after a fab night's sleep, then snacking on some breakfast on the deck before wandering out to the boat for a glide through the waves.  Just perfect.

I have items from 3 stores pictured here:  Culprit, Serenity Style and Little Branch.

The boat, bouy and boat sign are from Culprit. They are the from the Little Motor Boat sets and this is the Old one, but you can also get them in Blue Racer, Red Racer, Fresh Blue and Fresh Pink.

The gorgeous palms in the background are from Little Branch and here you can Beach Palm Quad, Beach Palm Double, and White Palm Double.  All are animated and available at the main store.

Lastly, the lovely hut set is from Serenity Style and is the Moonlight Romance set. It comes with all you can see here as well as the bed set in a lovely brown.  You can go try you luck at The Liaison Collaborative. 

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