Shark Attack

Da dum, da dum, dum, dum, dum, dum...

Baby shark do do...NO!

Oh great.  Now THAT is in my head.  I will think about the Jaws music again instead. 

You can view this Gacha Tropicaliente Pool Party from CHEZ MOI at the summer round of the Gacha Garden. The cute tent (without accessories) is the Seed of Inspiration for this set.  The couches come in a variety of colours.  The one I am showing you here is the Rustic Patio Couch which is a Rare.  The other rare is the pool which has 22 single animations in 4 spots. So, plenty of room for you and some friends. 

The shark floatie and rainbow floatie also come with fab animations so you can have some fun in sun!

Other Items:
Palms:  Little Branch - Sago Palm{Animated}*Mesh, Tropical Palm .v2 {Animated}
Cushions:  dust bunny - dreamy outing . pillow pile . colorful . adult
Tray:  Apple Fall - Book & Nectarines Tray
Book/Glasses:  Bazar:  Book and glasses-Decor


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