What a View


As promised here is the view of the items you saw in the background of yesterday's Please Fence Me In post.  The faraway photo didn't do them justice so I needed to get in closer and show you how gorgeous these all look on the deck looking out over the vista!

The seating set is the Cydney Modern Poolhouse/Couch & Chairs in Light from Trompe Loeil.  As usual they have loads of textures so you can easily find one that suits the look you are wanting.  You can go and try them out in PG or Adult at Uber.

The Carolina Wooden Patio Set is from CHEZ MOI and comes with what you see here.  The chairs and umbrella are texture change so you can change the fabric colour as the mood takes you.  The chairs have animations for female, male, toddler and dining.  The dining option even rezzes the foood, drink and utensils.  Simple!  Go test them out at The Liaison Collaborative.

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