Critters Galore

Well this tree is supposed to be for adults but it seems that the cats have taken it as theirs.  The squirrels are next door.  There could be issues.  Some kind of turf war. 

Before that happens I suggest you take a look at these amazing items for yourself.

The first is the GOOSE - hollow cuddle tree stump  and it is gorgeous.  Perfect for autumn. It has a whole heap of fab poses and you can even texture change the blankets and pillows with the press of a button. You can find this at the GOOSE mainstore.

Next door to the the tree stump is The Olde Attic's Rummaging Time.  This cute autumn themed decor piece is super cute and I am in love with the squirrels. Go take a look for yourself.

The trees behind are new from Little Branch and are the Southern Magnolia Shrub.  These lovely shrubs are animated and can change seasons with an easy touch.  These are located at the The Ark Event.

The cats are from Image Essentials.  I love them and I will use them as often as I can!


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