Mushrooms and Pumpkins

So, if you thought UP was only for fashion and accessories, you are very wrong.  UP also has a nice assortment of home and garden items and this round there are some lovely outdoor autumn themed goodies.  I am going to show you two today.

The lovely Autumn Lover's Bench is from NAUGHTYBits and has a whole pile of awesome animations for solos and lovers.  It comes with the lovely tree behind it and all those gorgeous pumpkins.  I love the hanging leaves adorning it too!

The other items are from Chez Lou.  The Wagon Wheel set comes with an easy to use rez box, so all the placing work is done for you.  Just adjust it the way you want it and done!  The set includes the wheelbarrow, bush (next to wheelbarrow), red leaves tree, bench seat, table, wagon wheel bench, autumn wreath and its own autumn-looking grass.  So much for your money!

Not at UP:

The background trees and mushrooms are all from Little Branch and are the Japanese Maple Shrub and the Weeping Willow Shrub.v1.  The mushrooms are so great and are also texture change.

The grass is from [we're CLOSED] and is the grass field dry.


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