Up High

I am on top of the world and way up high in this build from 22769.  As luck would have it 'On Top of the World' is the name of this collection too.  Okay, it wasn't that lucky...I knew. 

The set is for this round of The Arcade and also includes a bed and a ladder shelf with items on it.  I just couldn't fit them all in the photo!

Not included in the set are the plants and the items out on the patio.  They were added for dramatic effect.  Hehe.  However, the patio items and all but the plant in the far corner are also from 22769, so you can go and find them at the mainstore.

The build is, of course, the rare item and you will climb the stairs and be up in the clouds (okay, not quite) once you get to the rooms at the top.  Great little place for getting above the neighbours.  Go check it out.


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