By the Fire


What could be nicer than curling up here by the fire with a warm cup of pumpkin spiced latte and a cookie or two?  Well, add chocolate and a good book and it would be perfect.

I am picturing myself rugged up and enjoying the cool evening air by the warm fire.  Bliss.

It also means that the new round of Tres Chic has begun because this Auster Patio Set & Fireplace from Chez Moi is there ready for you to go and buy.  It is a stunner!  The Sofa and Armchairs come with loads of animations and even more in the adult versions. 

The ottomans and fireplace also have animations and all of the furniture is texture change using the huds supplied. 

The yummy looking latte set is new from {what next}.  It comes in Plain (as shown), Pumpkin and Witches Brew. You can also get a delicious looking Pumpkin Spice Cake to go with. 

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