Give Me An A


I am not feeling so good.  My eyes are dry and I have a craving for brains.  Is that wrong?  It seems like it should be wrong. 

I am just hanging out here at the graveyard practising my cheers.  "Give me an A!"  I would do the rest of my name, but I suddenly can't remember the numbers.

I wonder if it has something to do with that weird guy who bit me earlier...

Pose:  {NanTra} - Braaaains
Veins:  Izzie's - Dark Veins (Fifty Linden Friday)
Tattoo:  KIRA TATTOO - LIBER (On9)
Outfit and Sneakers:  ~KaraBaby~ Smells Like Teen Spirit (Mad Circus)
Choker:  PinkRayne - Gothica Choker (Twe12ve)
Hair:  Clawtooth: Dark Queen (Blondes Pack)
Eyes:  Izzie's - Demon Eyes

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