Turn Back

The focus today is on decor and this awesome Olive Tree Shade from Little Branch that you can find at Equal10.   It has spring, summer and autumn texture change and I have it set to autumn today.

The rest are from events around SL that are currently underway.  There are even some hunt gifts and who doesn't like a freebie or two?

EED - Fall Deco w Chicken
khargo - halloween sign - turn back (The Gacha Life)
{Fantasy Furnishings}  ~ Trick or Tease - A (Mad Circus)
Dreamscapes Decor - *Pumpkins Crate* (Boo Bunny Hunt)
~Off the Wall~ - Pumpkin Pete (BBH)
EED -  huntgift - FALL-DECORATION 2 (Rock Your Rack)


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