This place looks so welcoming doesn't it?  Nothing here says, 'danger' or 'turn back'.  Nothing at all.  Mind you, I am not very good at reading the clues in situations so don't listen to anything I say.

I am doing another tease today by showing you some items I am going to blog tomorrow in the background of this shoot.  They are from 22769 and are deliciously spooky. Make sure you come back and take a look at my next post to find out all about it.

Pose:  Image Essentials - Addams Family - Morticia 2 (Mad Circus 5)
Lipstick:  .:: StunnerOriginals ::. Lips Fenix (On9)
Choker:  [ bubble ] Witch Choker (Trick or Treat Lane)
Gown:  Kalani's DesignS - Hepzibah Gown Gold (UP)
Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Runa


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