The Resistance


For some reason I had a French Resistance-type vibe when I took this photo.  I could just be out for a bike ride, but I like to think I am up to something.  I like to think I am taking needed items to someone.

Imagine this in a movie.  It is a stormy day and our heroine is biking past the enemy looking innocent.  She is searched, of course, but what they don't realise is that she is actually smuggling the bicycle itself.  She grins as she rides off to deliver her bicycle to someone in the Resistance.  Perfect.

Outfit:  Meva - Samantha Set (Access November)
Jewellery:  Meva -  Nita Jewels Set (Fameshed)
Hair:  *DP YumYum*- P10 (Fifty Linden Friday)
Sneakers:  EQUAL - Lee Sneakers
Bicycle:  {what next} - Camden Bicycle (Blogger at Work)
Sim:  La Digue

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