This room is full of joy.  Well, when I say 'full' I mean it does have two things that mention 'joy' so there you have it.

I am in a happy blogger space at the moment with all these great Christmas and seasonal items to show you.  There are so many things to make you aware of, hence why I am setting up scenes and piling them all in.  I would be awake 24/7 if I tried to do it any other way.

CHEZ MOI - Xmas Ladder Tree (Tannenbaum)
CHEZ MOI - Chaleur Bois Set
{what next} - Christmas Wall Collage (size 2)
Culprit - Joy Marquee Letters, Festive Tray (Tannenbaum)
[NaughtyBits] ~ Santa's Naughty Girl Chair
Little Branch - Potted Birch{Mesh}
Serenity Style - Merry Christmas (UNIK Group Gift 1)
MOoH! - Reindeer plushy wt lights (Peace on Earth Hunt)


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