New Igloo

I just want to hang out here with these guys and drink hot chocolate and eat s'mores.  Can someone make me some s'mores?  I don't have access to Graham Crackers in Aryaland, but I can make an awesome cup of hot chocolate.  We could do swaps.

While you whip those up I will be here, chatting with Rory the Reindeer, Slushy the Snowman and Pat the Pup.  That is what I named them.  They are cute.

Are you still here?  You are making s'mores for me remember?  Off you go!

{what next} - Penguin Igloo - RARE
CHEZ MOI  - Inflatable Santa & Dog
Serenity Style - Vintage Snowman (Shop and Hop)
MOoH! - Reindeer plushy wt lights (Peace on Earth Hunt)
Little Branch - Oak Shrub Tree {Animated}*4Seasons (Equal10)
Little Branch - Zelkova Serrata {Animated}*4Seasons (Uber)


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