Sit Where You Want

Take a seat.  You can sit wherever you long as it is not in the basket chair.  That is mine.  I have always wanted one of these ever since I was little.  We used to go to a friend of my Mum's place and she had one with a soft wool blanket in it and I would sit in there with a book and be quite happy until it was time to go home.  I may have even wound the chain up and then let it go and spun until I was quite dizzy.  Good times.

Serenity Style - It's Christmas Gacha - Bench RARE, Gift Boxes, All you need is love bottle, Magic Christmas Bottle, Picture Frames 1 and 2, Santa`s Boots, Smell like Winter, Socks Ready, Trunk Table (The Liaison Collaborative)
Serenity Style- Country Hanging Chair
MOoH! - Xmas puppy with train (The Grumpy Santa Hunt)
Trompe Loeil - Candlelit Fireplace Mantel,  Hammered Tree Candleholder (The Arcade)
{what next} - 'Winter Treats' Mulled Wine
22769 - Ornament Gacha - Edition 2019 (Tannenbaum)
Apple Fall - Heritage Christmas Tree - Spruce Green (Sale)
[CIRCA] - :Dawn: Velvet Area Rug - Wine


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