Today's post is about love and dreaming.  I have a dream where we love each other in spite of our differences and where we treat the earth and its creatures with respect and care.  It is a big dream but imagine the difference if we could achieve it!

Today I am outside in this little spot.  I can snuggle up by the cats with someone I love or cuddle with them on the swing.  At the same time I can remember the plight of Australia and its people and animals when I look at the kangaroo mum with her joey.  I can also help, by going to the Australian Bushfire Wildlife Benefit and donating or buying something.  That is love with action.

MOoH! - Kangaroo Mom (Australian Bushfire Wildlife Benefit)
.:Tm:.C. - GM37 "Forever Always" Nat. Scene PG (SWANK)
GOOSE - Ring of dreams
Little Branch - Wild Shingle Oak{Animated}*4Seasons
Little Branch - Eucy Shrub {Animated}Seasons


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