Breakfast is Served

This looks nice.  I could sit, eat croissants, drink coffee and read the paper here.  In fact that sound really nice.  Of course, someone would have to go and get me the good coffee as I will not be having any of that instant stuff.  Ewww no!

The Breakfast in Love set you can see here is from Serenity Style and consists of the room divider, table and chairs, roses vase, breakfast items and little gift bags.  You can grab this at Uber and be ready for Valentine's Day next week!

The little bunnies are also from Serenity Style and are from a gacha set called Dottie Handmade Figurines which are up for collecting from The Liaison Collaborative.  The set of three is the Family which is a rare and the one decked in red is called Raccoon.  They are all super cute and perfect for anywhere around your home.

Petals:  +Half-Deer+ - Sakura Petals - Big Group - White
Flowers:  Ariskea - [Lovely ] Yellow Flowers Vase
Plant:  Apple Fall - Aspidistra in Wicker Planter
Hanging Plant:  Mithral * Caged String of Hearts (Concrete)
House: Trompe Loeil - Garrett Country Cottage (Uber)


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