In Shadow and Light

I will wait for you, my love,
in the place where shadow and light dance
I will wait for you, my dearest
in that moment where our worlds interlace
When magic becomes reality
When time ceases to exist
And finally
We can be one.

This is a magical sim. I have been here for hours exploring.  Any moment I expect to hear my name called and to see the Tuatha Dé Danann appear before me and beckon me to follow them to the land beyond our own.

Perhaps I will follow...

Dress:  Meva - Gisela Dress (We Love Role-Play)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - TAWNEY omega FACE&BODY apricot (Girls Heaven Event)
Facial Tattoo:  Astara -Inbetween Face Tattoos (Mystical Market)
Chest Tattoo:  BLASPHEMIC - Love Yourself Tattoo (Sinners and Saints)
Hair:  Magika - Nina
Pose:  Eternal Dream - Lita 01 & 02
Sim:  Waterfalls of Dreams


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