Just Arrived


I have just arrived in this land.  I came on the boat behind me.  It was a lovely journey and the swans that guided me have returned home.   Where should I go first?

Well, perhaps SWANK would be a good start as it is currently running and has some stunning items like those I am wearing today!

I am apologising in advance for my tardiness of late.  I am moving house in RL so life is hectic.  I will be away from SL for a few days over the next wee while, but never fear, I will return!

Necklace:  Moondance - Beloved Pearl Choker Set (SWANK)
Dress:  *GGVG* - Dreamy Love Pink Flare (SWANK)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - CHILE omega FACE&BODY caramel (Vanity)
Hair:  pr!tty - Julianna
Sim:  Kindred Spirit

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