All I Need

Happy here in my isolation bubble.  Our whole country is in lockdown.  We are all at home with the people in our immediate bubble.  There will be no visitors, no going out to cafes and restaurants because they are all closed anyway, and no going into anyone else's bubble.  Hopefully, if all of Aryland is sensible we will only have to be like this for 4 weeks, but if people break the rules then it will be longer.  It is a good way to sort out the sensible from the idiots.

I wish my bubble looked like this one.  I could have coffee and a picnic before settling in for a nap on top of the rock in the sun.  I could also watch the deer. 

Actually, I can watch deer and white tahr from my place but not this close that is for sure.

I hope that all of you who are in their own bubbles are safe and keeping sane.

Let's kick Covid-19's butt!

EED - Relax Rock (New Release)
GOOSE - Path of Hope (Cosmopolitan)
Serenity Style - Spring Picnic Set (Uber)
CHEZ MOI - Delight Coffee Station
Trompe Loeil - Zoen Modern Ranch PG (Fameshed)

CJ Creations - Easter Planter with Wood Bunny
[Park Place] - Spring Bunny Decor Set, Spring Planters - Pink/White, Blue/White, Orange/Red


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