I love creating scenes from nothing.  It brings me joy.  Today I created this scene on one of my platforms and it started out as a blank piece of wooden board.  I grassed up the prim and then made this lovely scene that I now want to live in forever...or until I create something new.

It is made up from a mix of items and I love how they all just work together to create a little place of magic.  Watch out for the pixies and mind the druids.

CJ Creations - Pond Frog with Fence - single+couple
[Harshlands] - Magic Sap Tree

Little Branch - American Chestnut{Animated}*4Seasons
Little Branch - Eucy Shrub{Animated}Seasons
Little Branch - Grafitti Banyan Tree{Animated}*4Seasons

[Harshlands] - Ancient Obelisk - Runes and Clear (Mossy)
[Harshlands] - Old Stone Pillar
[Harshlands] - Ancient Sapling - Green
Pierce Designs Studio - Monk Flower Bed
{WishBringer} - Underhill IV
KIDD Creations - Real Grass Green Meadow Dandelion & Emitter


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