Some Bunny Loves You

I can't believe it is almost Easter. In all the chaos of being in lockdown and working from home, I kinda forgot.  I did remember in my weekly shop though because I bought some Easter eggs when I saw them at the end of the aisle.

And, of course, SL hasn't forgotten as you can see here from these fab items.  These are making me so happy.  Easter is here.

Serenity Style - Greenville Easter Cups (Easter Bunny Hop)
Little Branch - Orange Tree. V4 {Potted} *Mesh (Uber)
Little 2 Large - Some Bunny Loves Me Rug - Regular Only - ADULT (Evil Bunny Hunt)
*Sassy Brats* - Bunny Love (Evil Bunny Hunt)
{what next} - Emma Tulip Bouquet
.peaches. - Stirling Console - Console Black and Accessories (Saturday Sale)
.peaches. - Bunny Hunnies (Fifty Linden Friday)
[FOURTH WALL] - Bio Ethanol Fireplace - White (Fifty Linden Friday)
CHEZ MOI - Allure Armchair w Blanket and Without
22769 - Bunny Picture


  1. hi, beautiful photo, which house is this please?


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