Alpaca Picnic

I love alpacas and llamas so I am excited about adding them to this lovely scene.  They seem happy too and so does the wee bunny.  Actually, I would be happy here too.  It looks calm and peaceful.  I think I would sit on the edge of the fountain and listen to the water trickle while I watch the llamas play.  Seems idyllic.

Serenity Style - La vita e bella patio fountain (Belle Event)
EED's - Garden Bathtub
JIAN - Goldfish Bamboo Fountain Pot, Alpaca Collection :: Static, Bunny v3 Wanderer 
Dreamland Designs -  Spring Tree Flower Patch, Spring Tree Poppy Flower Patch (SWANK)
Little Branch - Amber Ghost Maple Tree {Animated}*4Seasons (Equal 10)


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