Boots and Back

Today is all about my boots and back with its spine attachment and tattoo.  I am just sitting here with the cat watching YouTube on my phone and enjoying the sounds of the city.  Is it peaceful?  No, but that is okay because I am relaxed and the night is warm.

Go shopping people!  Support SL stores. 

Boots:  Wicca's Originals - Ceana Booties (Romp)
Spine:  Wicca's Originals - RX-01 Spine (We Love Role-play
Tattoo:  BLASPHEMIC - All-seeing eye Tattoo (Twe12ve)
Pose:  FOXCITY - City Life
Pose Booth:  FOXCITY. - Photo Booth - City Life
Cat:  Image Essentials - Full Perm Mesh Cat - Sleeping 4 1


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