RV Pool Party

Check out my RV Poo from CHEZ MOIl!  It is awesome and the poses are amazing.  It comes with 100 animations in PG version and 164 animations in Adult version.  There is room for up to 5 people with over 50 animations for males and females.  There are also animations for couples in love and for those who want a bit more...  You can go and grab your own RV Pool at Cosmopolitan.

The Bermuda Patio Set is also from CHEZ MOI and comes with a texture change hud so you can change the colour of the sofa, armchairs and ottoman to whatever suits your decor.  The sofa and chair come with animations for singles, couples and sexy time, as well as rezzing auto props. You can go nab this set at Summerfest.

The classy torches are from {what next} and are the Outdoors Patio Torch.  You will find them at SLB17 Shop & Hop on the Sugarplum sim.

The gorgeous palms are all from Little Branch and are part of a new set called Lipstick  Palms {Animated}Fat-Pack.  There are 4 palms in the set and you also get the snakeweed ground plant to throw around.  Get these at Summerfest while you are grabbing the patio set.


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