The Beach House - Inside

Finally, the moment we have been waiting for has arrived...we are inside the beach house and soaking in the end of the day in the comfort of the living room.  I am loving this upmarket beach house furniture so much!  I have even managed to add a few of my own touches aside from all the amazing 22769 items!  Okay, just 2.  Why mess with perfection?

22769 - Beach House - Minimalist Armchair, Wood Couchtable, Decorative Pottery, Wine for Two, Glass Table Lamp, Decorative Picture Canvas, Industrial Sideboard, Hippo Figurine, Hurricane Light, SL Graphic Poster, Glass Floor Vase, Beach Pouf, Statement Sisal Rug, Minimalist Sofa, Potted Banana Tree (The Arcade)
[Fetch] - Leaning Ladder - No Blanket
tarte. - wine ladder


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