The Beach House - Outside

This is going to be a three-part story.  They will be called 'Outside', 'Deck', and 'Inside'.  Today is Outside so we are far from the deck and looking at the environment and items in the foreground.  I am proudly displaying a wide variety of items from around SL so make sure you come back tomorrow for the items not mentioned today that are a bit further back in the photo.

22769 - Beach House - RARE (The Gacha Arcade)
 CHEZ MOI - Inflatable Speed Boat PG (Cosmopolitan)
Serenity Style - Sabana Summer Bed [Solo], Sabana Summer Bed [ADULT] (UNiK)
EVHAH - evh Nui rocks - Curve swinger, solo rock, Waterfall, Rock Duo (SWANK)
The Looking Glass - Jiwa Tenang - Beach Pot Plant Hibiscus, Beach Pot Plant Palm


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