Be It Ever So Humble

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.  Although, I would NOT call this place humble.  This place is awesome on so many levels.  Did you see what I did there?  Levels?  Ok, moving on.

This Trompe Loeil build is the  Torryn Modern Ranch PG for Uber.  I hope you are staring at it because it is a thing of beauty and even comes with its own kitchen.  Easy!

The White Garden Fence is a newbie item from GOOSE.  It comes with three styles of wall and pillars.  It is currently at the new round of Cosmopolitan, so go check it out.

The trees are, of course, from Little Branch.  They are the Walnut Tree and are animated gorgeousness with the ability to change them for the different seasons.  This is also an Uber item.


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