Twisting by the Pool

If you need me, I will be here.  Where else would I be?  I have everything I need.  I can swim, snack and relax in comfort.  

The Terrasen table setting is from CHEZ MOI and can be used indoors just as well as outdoors.  It is a stunning set.  The chairs come with fab animations so you can read the paper, drink, eat or chat.  There is also a hud to change the textures of the pillow and the placemats on the table.  Clicking on the placemat also lets you choose a meal that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options. Go check it out at Tres Chic.

The gorgeous Therea Terras Set is from GOOSE and is at Cosmopolitan and includes the couch, Lounge and Firepit.   This is an adult set so you know the animations will include something for everyone.  After the 25th of August you can find it at the mainstore.  

The Potted White Branch plants scattered about are from Little Branch.  These ones are the green versions, but it also comes in versions for fall.  Go and have a look at Equal 10.

This photo is taken on the patio of Trompe Loeil's Caylin Modern Ranch PG V1.3 which you can view at Uber.


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